• 1 Business Computer Maintenance & Securitymost
  • 2 Cloud Solutions for online backup, disaster recovery, most email etc
  • 3 Antivirus & Spyware Protection for businesses
  • 4 Data Recovery Services
  • 5 Help Desk and Remote Support Servicesmost
  • 6 Small Business IT Support Services
  • 7 Email & Spam Protection
  • 8 Mobile Office

Ensure Your Technology is Protected With Comprehensive IT Security.


Every Day New Threats Arise Online That Can Target Your Business.

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  • Penetration Testing and, Security

    A Penetration Test, or Pen Test,is the process of actively testing your organizations security measures by attempting to penetrate network security using a variety of measures..

    It is, in essence, hacking your organization in order to evaluate and harden the security measures already in place.

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  • IT Services

    We know that technology will make you a better, and a more profitable company by making you more efficient and productive..

    Here at MPGonline making IT work for your business is what we do best.

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  • Disk Drive, Forensics

    When it comes to finding computer evidence, it’s hard to find a better source than a disk drive. Whether it’s a hard drive (HDD) in a desktop, or solid state drive (SSD) found in a laptop, iPad or tablet, the hard drive holds a wealth of information on the people using the computer and/or device,

    most of the time without them even realizing it.

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Proactive Maintenance & Security


MPG Care for Business offers a new approach to business computer maintenance...it's proactive, preventative and cost effective. With MPG Care for Business, you no longer need to worry about your computer's security, speed, overall health and data security.

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Cell Phone/PDA Forensics & Security


Using an array of specialized software and equipment designed specifically for advanced cell phone forensics, MPGonline experts are able to extract key evidence from cellular phones, Smartphones, PDA’s, GPS units and other mobile devices.

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