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Toby Gross
Ken Clary Co.
2017-05-15, 17:37
We have been using MPG Online for quite some time now and are completely satisfied. Their company is very pro-active in the sense that they review the system you currently have and as time goes on when more secure and properly sized equipment is available, they offer those solutions so we can stay up with the times and our network is maintained throughout the continued growth. Response times are very quick when any issue may arise and there are no hidden fees and all hardware is very competitively priced so the assurance that our system is up to date and cost effective is very satisfying.
Derek Kolb
2017-01-13, 15:56
I like working with the MPGonline. They care about our business, are responsive to our IT needs and great to work with. They are very friendly and patient with my staff as well, giving me all the more reason to turn away other vendors seeking our business.
Derrick Ryel
2016-10-23, 12:06
The installation of the new hardware and software were handled efficiently and professionally. We appreciate all of MPGonline's efforts to work with us.
Anthony Bentley
Bartow Farm and Lawn
2016-09-20, 18:50
MPGonline responded quickly and are very reasonably priced. They always came through in the crunch to fix our systems problems. I'd recommend them far and wide to everyone!
Bud Lancer
2016-01-12, 11:08
Great to work with, MPGonline was attentive to detail and performed the install procedures quickly and represented themself professionally.
Kirby Lester LLC
Kirby Lester LLC
2015-09-22, 16:54
MPGonline did a troubleshoot on a serial interface issues, As always a great job, thanks for being so reliable!
Brook Ford
Snap-on Business Solutions
2015-05-04, 16:58
MPGonline preformed an excellent service upgrading hard drives from 1 TB on 2 TB on our standalone workstations. No issues whatsoever! Thank you.
Sandee Harris
Fresenius Medical Care
2014-09-15, 17:13
We had 3 systems upgraded, MPGonline preformed the work in a timely and detailed manner. They provided us detailed notes of work performed. Nicely done!
Jeff Reid
JRE Group
2014-01-21, 18:44
I loved working with the MPGonline. They cared about our business, and were responsive to our IT needs which let us stay focused on our core mission. They are very friendly and patient with my staff as well knowledgeable about the services we required.
James Fitzpatrick
2013-06-26, 08:02
MPGonline provides us fast response service on short notice, they are as reliable as they come! Thank you for the quality work.
Milton R Williams
Tech Bios
2013-04-03, 07:52
We worked with MPGonline and were very impressed by the level and quality of service MPGonline extended to our clients and the work they did with our systems.
Glyn Owen
Traffic Calming
2013-02-05, 10:23
As a business owner, I have worked with MPGonline for several years now. We have been very pleased with their work and it has been a pleasure working consistently with the same team as they are familiar with our system. Our company is better able to budget for our IT services with MPGonline giving us the guidance we need. MPGonline is there for us every time we need them.