A Penetration Test, or Pen Test, is the process of actively testing your organizations security measures by attempting to penetrate network security using a variety of measures. It is, in essence, hacking your organization in order to evaluate and harden the security measures already in place.

What is tested?

A penetration test will involve the systematic analysis of all the security measures in place. A full project should include some or all of the following areas, with the exact requirements usually being agreed in a formal scoping document prior to commencing (this list is provided courtesy of the OSSTMM):

Network Security
Network Surveying
Port Scanning
System Identification
Services Identification
Vulnerability Research & Verification
Application Testing & Code Review
Router Testing
Firewall Testing
Intrusion Detection System Testing
Trusted Systems Testing
Password Cracking
Denial of Service Testing
Containment Measures Testing
Information Security
Modem Testing
Physical Security
Access Controls Testing
Perimeter Review
Monitoring Review

Document Grinding
Competitive Intelligence Scouting
Privacy Review
Social Engineering
Request Testing
Guided Suggestion Testing
Trust Testing
Wireless Security
Wireless Networks Testing
Cordless Communications Testing
Alarm Response Testing
Location Review
Environment Review
Privacy Review
Infrared Systems Testing
Communications Security
PBX Testing
Voicemail Testing
FAX review


After the completion of a penetration test the deliverables will included a detailed analysis of the methodology used to conduct the test, the results of the various attempts at compromise, as well as detailed documentation on remediation of any security flaws found.

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