We offer a free site visit and consultation to any new customer based in the Gadsden, AL. North Georgia and Atlanta markets. We keep the visit relaxed, getting to know you and your business needs, while developing a good technical insight of your existing systems.

The site visit will consist of an overview of your existing IT infrastructure including:

  • Server & Client Hardware
  • Server & Client Operating Systems
  • Network Infrastructure & Cabling Strategy
  • Network Security
  • Software Applications
  • Printer Strategy

From this meeting we can build a support solution and service that fits your requirements.

Many of our customers used this service to troubleshoot the problems they were experiencing prior to our involvement. Following our visit, recommendations can be made and very often, the time required for fixing issues is included FREE OF CHARGE. This is also a fantastic way for us to gain your confidence and trust required for a great working relationship.

A site visit often reveals other shortfalls within an installed infrastructure and often, advancements in technology will provide a new cost saving solution to these, allowing your business to be more efficient. 


What to Expect

Reliable IT Support

Our friendly, experienced team members will work with you to identify and implement IT solutions that make the most sense for your business. We strive to ensure that you are using the most appropriate tools for your situation. This is very important because using the wrong tools can cause productivity issues, downtime, and other problems.


Fast Response

Computers crash and networks go down. If they are not restored quickly, the disruption can lead to lost productivity. When an IT outage occurs, our dependable technicians will respond swiftly, running diagnostic tests remotely so that the problem can be found and resolved.

Our goal is to be your trusted IT adviser. Ask our team members any question that you have about your applications, computers, servers, networks, mobile devices—anything IT.


Improved Up-time and Peace of Mind

Our team will remotely monitor and manage your computer systems 24x7 to uncover security and performance issues. We do our best to address these issues before they turn into larger problems that can cause downtime. This proactive approach leads to improved up-time and peace of mind. You can rest easy knowing that your computer systems are always under the watchful eyes of our qualified professionals.

Give us a call at (678) 605-6640 or (256) 515-4055 or contact us today for more information.

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