Since 2000, MPGonline has provided server and network installation services for small to medium size businesses within the Gadsden, AL. North Georgia and Atlanta markets. Whether you need a new server, have trouble with an existing one, or you need a professional troubleshoot and give you VPN or Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) access to your network or workstation, you have come to the right place. You have a lot of items on your to-do-list: supporting or setting up servers shouldn’t be one of them. Letting MPGonline handle your company’s server installation, troubleshooting or support gives your business stability, efficiency, and a predictable monthly IT expense. We make sure your servers stay up and perform flawlessly, so you can continue working.

Some of our our server and network expertise includes:

  • Server installation, upgrade, and migration
  • Network install, optimization, maintenance, and design
  • Server or network to cloud migration
  • Network attached storage (NAS) setup / configuration
  • Peer-to-peer network setup and repair
  • Server backup, repair, restore or recovery
  • WAN or Office-to-office network setup and VPN setup
  • Remote access solution and terminal services (RDP)
  • Router, Switch, Firewall installation and repair
  • Network Internet security monitoring and web filtering
  • Server and network setup & implementation
  • Wired and Wireless network setup repair
  • Business network setup

Unable to find what you are looking for? Give us a call at (678) 605-6640 or (256) 515-4055 or contact us today for more information.

Server and Network Setup and Troubleshooting Services in the Gadsden, AL. North Georgia and Atlanta markets.

MPGonline can design and install your entire network, ensure it’s functional, runs at peak performance with minimal downtime and within your budget. You can rest assured that our experienced and certified experts will take care of all your computer network and server issues.  We will ensure your server is up and running with minimal downtime.  We have been known on many occasions to fix server issues that other server repair companies could not.  We have the skills and experience to ensure your server is running smoothly in a stable fashion for the future of your company and IT network.

24/7 Server Monitoring, Maintenance, Security & Cloud Backup Services

Servers are responsible for delivering all of the data that runs your company and providing the security controls that grant or deny access to that data. When a server goes down, everyone in the company is affected, and business grinds to a halt. Get our Care for Server - comprehensive server monitoring, maintenance and support that includes remote remediation services, antivirus security and cloud backup at a flat monthly rate. We utilize proactive monitoring, automated remediation, and scheduled after-hours maintenance in order to prevent downtime before it affects your bottom line. Let MPGonline give you peace of mind knowing your servers are being watched 24/7/365.

Network VPN and RDP Setup Services

When you need 24/7 access to your office network, MPGonline can set up remote computer access and virtual private network (VPN) connections to allow you to connect from anywhere in the world. MPGonline can deliver the repair experts to set your office up with remote online connections. Whether you need to be able to access one computer from a remote laptop, or if you want your mobile workforce to be connected to all of your office resources while away from home, we are able to address all your needs. Our small business IT support is available to you whenever you need it.

Give us a call at (678) 605-6640 or (256) 515-4055 or contact us today to setup or troubleshoot your Server, Network, VPN or RDP connection!

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